When We Fight

Artist: Kabir Sehgal featuring Ariana Savalas

Title: When We Fight

Release Date: 2022

Genre: Pop

Credits: Artist, Producer


Song is about the paradox of enjoying the fights, the electricity of disagreements, and the drama of it all. Edgy production that combines EDM dance rhythms with multi-synth arrangements.

“Producing this song was all about finding the balance. The lyrics are ironic and even twisted. Who likes fighting? So while there is a heartfelt quality to the lyrics, the production had to feel more brooding, even sinister. You can hear metallic effects, sirens, risers throughout. It took time to find the tension that this song requires,” said Kabir Sehgal.

Featuring Ariana Savalas
Written by Greer Baxter
Produced by Kabir Sehgal