Puertos: Music From International Waters

Artist: Emilio Solla Tango Jazz Orchestra

Title: Puertos: Music From International Waters

Release Date:

Genre: Jazz

Credits: Executive Producer, Producer, Liner Notes


Grammy Nomination – Best Arrangement, Instrumental, or A Cappella – “La Novena”

Latin Grammy Award – Best Latin Jazz Album

Life at sea is one of adventure, mystery, and intrigue. For most of modernity, traveling by water has been a principal pathway of migration. And tracing these routes doesn’t just yield insights into our collective history but also our musical one. When people of different countries and civilizations collide, so do their cultures, cuisines, and compositions. (And from an ecological perspective, estuaries that form from the mixing of salt and freshwater are rich with biodiversity.) And herein is the spark of Puertos: Music of International Waters: a diverse and dazzling, triumphant, and tantalizing album for “all hands” by acclaimed bandleader, composer, and arranger Emilio Solla.