P is for Poppadoms!

An Indian Alphabet Book

From New York Times bestselling authors Kabir Sehgal and Surishtha Sehgal comes a charming and unique alphabet book celebrating the rich culture, delicious foods, and fascinating animals of India.

From C for chai to Y for yoga, this fresh alphabet book takes young readers on a spirited journey to discover the people, places, lifestyles, and language of India. Lush illustrations from debut illustrator Hazel Ito bring to life the beauty, wonder, and diversity of this vast and vibrant country.




This beautifully illustrated alphabet text invites the reader in on page one and continues to delight through every letter. The culture of India is explored in myriad ways. Some more obvious entries include food, festival flora/fauna, and animal life

--Youth Services Book Review

All in all, this is a lovely alphabet book. I haven’t seen too many that focus on a language other than English (while simultaneously being aimed at English speakers), so this was a nice find.

--The Lady Bug Reads