What to know about the VIP section

by | Sep 9, 2021

I created a VIP section so that I could better serve you.

Also because I was asked. So many folks have reached out over the years wanting to know how they could learn how to build a portfolio career of their own. And how they could keep up with the latest news from my world.

I found it too difficult to have a deep, meaningful conversations on some social media platforms because there are so many distractions.

So, here we are. Welcome to VIP.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. Monthly Updates
    My goal is to provide a meaningful update every month. Much of this content is about how to build your own portfolio career, so that you can enjoy many streams of passive income.
  2. Artistic Inspiration
    I’ll share projects on which I’m working. I’m always in the middle of making an album or writing a book.
  3. Dialogue
    What’s on your mind? You can respond in the comments on a specific article or contact me here. I try to respond to every comment.
  4. Connect
    Occasionally, I will invite you to virtual or in person events, so I hope we can connect soon.You can access the VIP section here.

Let’s go!