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by | Feb 10, 2020

Welcome to my Portfolio Career newsletter on LinkedIn. I’ll share ideas, tips, and suggestions so you can learn how to master your second and third careers. I will profile those who thrive with multiple careers, who can teach you how to succeed.

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I have struck a nerve. Three years ago I wrote an article for Harvard Business Review called “Why Two Careers Are Better Than One.” After its publication, I received hundreds of messages and inquiries. Some people wanted to know if I had more tips on how to optimize their lives. A few book editors and agents reached out asking me to write a book on the topic (I might still, but I’m working on a few other books right now). But the vast majority were folks who simply wanted to share their story with me. Here is an example:

I’m a data scientist who is also a tennis instructor. I’ve been embarrassed to share my dual career with others. But after reading your article, I feel like I can embrace my hyphenated career. Thanks for sharing your journey.

I always know when HBR promotes the article because I get a wave of new messages from folks. The piece is a perennial “most popular” on the HBR website.

Having many jobs isn’t the conventional career path. We’re supposed to commit to an occupation, work hard, and save for retirement. But this career trajectory isn’t for me. And if you’re reading this, it’s probably not for you (or at least, you’re interested in learning more about having a portfolio career and maybe want out of your current situation.)

This newsletter “Portfolio Career” is for those who already have or want to have many careers at once. It’s my continual take on the lifestyle that I espouse. I know how many of my fellow multi-careerists feel. We want the most out of life and are not satisfied with receiving just one W2 tax form. We are more fulfilled when we balance our multiple journeys. This mixture is what keeps life fascinating. When one of our careers becomes mundane, we can take solace in that we have a different set of tasks, priorities, and friends who are part of our other career.

Here is what you can expect in this newsletter:

  • Inspiring stories of people who have portfolio careers
  • Examples from my portfolio career (so you can see what I’m working on and how I prioritize my activities)
  • Best practices on how to discover and balance multiple careers
  • Tips on optimizing your time, setting priorities, and following your curiosities

Welcome to the Portfolio Career Newsletter. I’m excited to embark upon this journey with you. I’m also open to feedback, so you’re welcome to provide suggestions on how to improve this newsletter or share ideas on what you’d like to read about.

Note: I’ve long shied away from writing self-help material. I thought it wasn’t academic or rigorous enough. Maybe it was my arrogance to think that I was above this genre. But I’ve increasingly come to see the benefit of sharing material that can inspire others to take action in their own lives. To be honest, writing this newsletter makes a little uncomfortable. But that’s because I’m not used to writing about my “process” because I prefer people to focus on what I’ve created – not how I did it. Writing this newsletter will require me to share more about my myself and be more vulnerable. It’s something that I’ll have to get over. And with your help, I will.