How Art Tawanghar Manages It All (Software Designer, Artist, Author, Inventor)

by | Jul 27, 2020

Meet Art Tawanghar. He is as multifaceted as they come, working at a cyber security startup company while also maintaining a career in the arts as a composer, arranger, producer, and performer. He is an inventor who has filed patents such as one that involves predictive modeling based on biometric data. I’ve known him for a few years, and he always strikes me as someone who is able to connect the dots between his different worlds.

Art’s careers

  • Sr. Lead Product Designer, Sr. Design Architect
  • Inventor
  • Author
  • Artist
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On his motivation for having many careers

“Learn something new every day. Through learning, we can stay focused and I truly believe in the failing fast-growing fast mentality. I strongly believe if I am not failing I am not innovating.”

Advice to aspiring multi-careerists

“I think having multiple talents is just not about what you can [do] for a specific talent or career. It is important to think about how you can help humanity and the environment using all that we have learned.”




On balancing personal time

“I always believe it is crucial to move your physical body (sports) eating healthfully, and thinking healthy in order to reach that ultimate Peace. Finding a true balance to maintain these areas is my key focus.”

On handling ego

“Every day I like to think about EGO vs ECO. In reality, what we do alone does not matter that much. But what we do as a team, company, community, city, and etc. is what really makes the big difference. I am also aware that EGO is part of who we are, so maintaining a balance between Transmuting the EGO, and ‘I don’t have to be right’ mentality helps us listen to other great suggestions and always be open to any feedback.”

A Day In the Life

5:30 am – get up and do a short meditation

Start the work day

Later, I bike or walk and recharge my soul from nature

10 pm – meditate for one full hour and go to sleep.

I don’t watch TV or the news. As for music, I listen to Solfeggio healing frequency to elevate my core vibrations such as 432Hz, 528Hz, and other powerful frequencies.

Where to find Art


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