“Fandango at the Wall in New York” earns Grammy nomination – My personal reflections

by | Nov 18, 2022

🎉 Viva el fandango!

I’m over-the-moon excited that Fandango at the Wall in New York is #Grammy nominated for Best Latin Jazz Album.

🥹 I had to take a few days to collect my thoughts.

Because this project is likely the most meaningful one that I’ve ever produced.

And certainly, the most work! 💪🏾

🌎 You know that saying, “It takes a village?”

Yeah, that applies here.

This morning I sent a congrats email to the Fandango (or as we call it, FATW) team and counted 328 people in the BCC field.

In 2007, retired librarian Jorge Francisco Castillo was cleaning up the beaches in Tijuana.

He thought it would be a great place for a fandango (jam session) with son jarocho musicians from Veracruz, Mexico.

The next year (& every year since) he organized the “Fandango Fronterizo” festival at the US-Mexico border.

🥗 In 2016, Arturo O’Farrill & I were having dinner (Moroccan or was it Indian?) & we discussed a NYTimes article that profiled Jorge.

I called Jorge to see if he wanted to partner on a project.

😎 He said yes.

In 2018, we brought 50+ artists to the US-Mexico border and recorded the event.

Over the last five years, we’ve been busy:

🎥 We made a HBO feature documentary

📚 Wrote a book

💿💿 Recorded 2 albums

The latest of which is nominated.

We’ve performed fandangos across the US, Mexico, Cuba, France, & beyond.

I want to thank the VILLAGE that has made this project a reality.

And of course, the son jarocho musicians who have inspired us all.

Fandango at the Wall is a project borne of peace, love, and harmony.

😠 All too often we hear about the challenges between countries.

But there are no lines when it comes to music.

❤️ There is only love.

With gratitude,