“Carry On” wins a GRAMMY- My Personal Reflections

by | Apr 4, 2022

“A good day is waking up!

It’s awakening to the world and realizing the possibility that every day brings.”

These are the hopeful words of John Lewis.

And what a day it is! 😊🙏🏽

I’m proud that the book I was blessed to write with #JohnLewis won the #Grammy in Best Spoken Word Album.

Indeed, it’s also bittersweet.

I miss my friend.

How I would want to call him, hug, and dance! (Oh yes, did he love to dance!)

Thank you for believing in this project.

Thank you for reading these pages, listening to the audiobook, and feeling the love that went into making this project.

I saw your highlights, underlines, bookmarks, and dog-eared pages.

Thank you for lifting up John Lewis’ timeless wisdom.

Thank you for not forgetting this important man.

Thank you for remembering his radiant soul.

This recognition will continue to shine the light on his legacy.

I hope it will help more discover the life and work of this towering figure.

On a personal note, I want to thank you for lifting me up during the course of this project.

There has been a hole in my heart.

I felt your love, support, and friendship. ❤️

I’d like to thank John Lewis’ family & estate; Don Cheadle, who narrated the audiobook; my Godfather
Ambassador Andrew Young; the incredible team at Hachette, my audiobook co-producers; and my family.

I also want to congratulate all nominees.

Your creativity inspires me.


I flipped through the pages of the book this morning.

These words stuck out:

“I hope that those who learn my story are inspired

to take action in their communities.

To push, to pull, to fight for the rights of all people…

Every generation leaves behind a legacy.

I am one of the last of mine.

I am going to be passing the torch.”



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