Seven Point Sunday #8

by | Jun 20, 2021

Would you offer 80% of your net worth to a friend in need?

I’d like to think that I would. But I’m not sure.
My dad did just that. When his friend, an Atlanta-based architect was facing financial difficulties, my father visited him.
“I’m not in the same league as Marriott or Rockefeller. But I am here to offer you this check. More than 80 percent of my wealth,” he said.
His friend replied, “You’re not in the same league as a Rockefeller or Marriott. But the terms you’ve offered won’t come close to theirs.”
And that’s my father in a nutshell. You can read about the whole episode here.
I’d like to wish him and all papas a Happy Father’s Day!
Sunday Seven
💼 Portfolio Career
Pramod Raheja is an airline pilot and entrepreneur. His advice on managing multiple careers: “Practice self-care so that you can optimize your mindset and energy levels. Focus on what you’re working [on] at that time.” Look at his daily schedule, so you can see how he fits in everything.
⚡ Productivity

My #1 “secret” to success is to Close The Loop, which I learned from my father. It’s become my personal mantra and operating philosophy. I probably say it fifteen times a day to myself and others: “Did you close the loop?” It means: Get the job done. And then tell the people who need to know that you’re done, in order to boost everyone’s situational awareness. Don’t keep people guessing. Don’t keep yourself guessing. Learn more.


💰 Money

Consider buying these assets that are protected against inflation: gold, commodities, REITs. I believe the US will have elevated inflation over the next 12 months, so I’m studying the best gold stocks to buy.


📚 Books

Read Close the Loop by Raghbir (R.K.) Sehgal and yours truly. I wrote this filial biography of my father to honor him and also to share his American Dream story. My dad left India as a teenager with little money in his pocket. He worked factory jobs in the UK and eventually moved to the US. Living in the Deep South in the 1960s, he experienced discrimination that redoubled his desire to succeed. He started as a junior engineer at a firm and rose to become Chairman & CEO. My dad also shares his five lessons for success, which you can use to optimize your life. If you want to hear his story told with an Indian accent, watch this interview that my sister and I did with him.


🎵 Music

Listen to Pedro Giraudo’s Impulso Tanguero. This album exemplifies Giraudo’s contemporary tango style which so elegantly and seamlessly crosses over to the world of chamber music. You’ll hear virtuosic musical styles that take elements from Argentine tango, American jazz, European classical music and even some Brazilian traditions. My favorite tracks are “Ávido” and “La Poda.” It was a great honor to help produce this project.


📽️ Film

Watch Cryptopia. This documentary helped me understand the players involved in the blockchain movement and how the evolution of cryptocurrencies will likely impact our lives. You meet and understand the people behind the headlines. And yes, despite the recent sell-off, I’m still long Cardano (ADA).


📷 Photo

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