Seven Point Sunday #5 – May 9, 2021

by | May 9, 2021

Happy Sunday!
I spend my “free” time (1) making music, (2) understanding cryptocurrencies. Yes, crypto can help musicians. Artists receive royalty payments months after the fact. There are several startups addressing this problem. Help may be on the way.
It’s a dire situation in India as the pandemic is surging. I’m monitoring the situation closely and how my family and friends are being affected. Consider donating to UNICEF which is helping with the response.
Also, I still talk to strangers.
Do I NOT know you? DM me, and maybe we can video chat.
Sunday Seven
💼 Portfolio Career
Joey Crawford is an academic and entrepreneur. He started a gin distillery! Imagine if your co-worker operated a distillery on the side. His advice on getting more done: “Check your phone usage. How much time did you spend stuck in a social media scroll of death? I used to get trapped in keeping up-to-date with Instagram and Facebook…and TikTok now. I learned to reutilize that time.” Learn how he manages his portfolio career.
⚡ Productivity
Quit scrambling around the web to read the news. I use Feedly, a reader that helps me organize & digest all sorts of information. I was already using Feedly to read periodicals like Bloomberg and MarketWatch. I got the pro subscription so that I could integrate Reddit threads, YouTube channels, and even newsletters into the reader. With Feedly Pro, you can generate a unique email and use it to subscribe to a newsletter (such as this one). Achieve organizational bliss with Feedly! (This is not an ad)


💰 Money
Consider investing in Indian bank and consumer stocks. India’s BSE Index has fallen considerably over recent weeks, because of the pandemic surge – which is likely to get worse. If you’re a contrarian investor, consider these Indian ADR stocks that trade in the US. Axis Bank and HDFC are proxies for the country’s macro economic situation. Whereas firms like Wipro and Infosys is how to get exposure to the IT sector. India needs capital inflows, so now may be your opportunity.


📚 Books

Want to get more done? Make a list. Check out the classic Listful Thinking by Paula Rizzo, an Emmy award winning TV producer. What do Madonna, Martha Stewart, John Lennon, Ellen DeGeneres, Ben Franklin, Ronald Reagan, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, and Johnny Cash have in common? Each is (or was) a list maker. In this book, Rizzo walks through how to make a list and drive tasks towards execution.


🎵 Music

Alí Bello‘s album Inheritance just dropped! Listen here. The Venezuelan-born, New York-based violinist & composer’s new album showcases his unique amalgam of modern jazz and musical traditions the Caribbean. An original set of nine compositions, Inheritance documents the dazzling compositional output of this acclaimed leader. Featured special guests include Regina Carter and Jaleel Shaw. It was a pleasure to help produce this project.


📽️ Film

Jimmy Carter is misunderstood. He’s not just a great former president, but he was also an excellent president. That’s the viewpoint of a new film Carterland by Will & Jim Pattiz. The film details how President Carter was ahead of his times, from his installing solar panels at the White House to returning the Panama Canal. The film includes Walter Mondale’s last interview. And one by Paul Volker whom Carter appointed to the Chair of the Federal Reserve, a decision that took gutsCarterland had its world premiere at the Atlanta Film Festival and was awarded Best Documentary Feature. While the film isn’t available to watch yet, you can check out my interview of the directors.


📷 Photo

What’s your favorite point?
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