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by | Sep 19, 2021

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“Sunday” comes from Old English “Sunnandaeg” which itself is an interpretation of a Latin word that means “sun’s day.” 

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Seven Point Sunday – September 19, 2021


Yes, you can achieve Inbox Zero, that magical moment when your inbox has no emails. Deepak Chopra and I explain how 

💰 Finance
Check out Flowers Foods (Ticker: FLO). It makes packaged baked goods. And it has a tasty dividend of almost 4%. The firm has made dividend payments for 75 consecutive quarters.  


💼 Portfolio Career
Meet Sam Hope. He is a business analyst, firefighter, and knifemaker. “Seek dissimilar careers,” he says. Learn how he overcame a job that he loathed. 


🎵 Music
Listen to Spiritual Warrior Workout, by Deepak Chopra, Paul Avgerinos and Kabir Sehgal 😊 We believe exercise music should also lift your spirit, so we made this album. Upbeat music with uplifting mantras. The project features incredible vocalists like Thana Alexa and Sara Niemietz. Learn about Paul Avgerinos’ practice routine.


📚 Books
Read The Long Game by Dorie Clark. Everyone is allotted the same twenty-four hours—but with the right strategies, you can leverage those hours in more efficient and powerful ways than you ever imagined. A birdie told me that I was mentioned in this book. Hmm…


📽️ Film
Watch Cheche Lavi. Directed by Sam Ellison. Two Haitian migrants find themselves stranded at the US-Mexico border, with no way forward and no one to depend on but each other. 


📷 Photo



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  1. John Hunter

    If you haven’t checked out Emmet Cohen…please do. A jazz genius.