Seven Point Sunday #10 – July 18, 2021

by | Jul 18, 2021

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Sunday Seven

💼 Portfolio Career
Do you have a mentor? Learn from Congressman John Lewis about how to find & be one in this exclusive excerpt from his final memoir Carry On: Reflections for a New Generation.
Learn how to start a side hustle from home. We could all use a little extra cash. But with full-time jobs and limited resources, how can you make money from home online without tiring yourself out?


💰 Money
Consider Whirlpool (Ticker: WHL). This US-based appliance maker (dishwashers, refrigerators) may be poised to outperform. Many took out renovation loans during the pandemic to spruce up their homes. Whirlpool’s North American margins appear to be sustainable at 15% and its European business is in the midst of an ongoing turnaround. Read why it may be a good momentum stock.

❤️ Love
What’s the secret to a long lasting marriage? President Jimmy Carter & Rosalyn Carter celebrated their 75th! wedding anniversary last weekend in Plains, Georgia. Special guests like President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton attended, as well as family members and a coterie of fly fishers. There was Georgia wine & an Andrew Lloyd Webber medley. I was lucky to attend and wrote about the experience. Learn what the Carters say is the secret to their success as a couple. 

🎵 Music

Listen to Luz by Jovino Santos Neto. This is a beautiful, elegant solo piano album by a remarkable Brazilian pianist and composer who is renowned for his collaboration with the legendary Hermeto Pascoal. This music was created spontaneously in one session on a Fazioli F278 grand piano. Santos expands each piece with heartfelt improvisations. My favorite tracks: Blackbird, Illuminado. I’m proud to help produce this project.
📽️ Film
Watch Meet the Donors, directed by Alexandra Pelosi. The film helped me understand the psychology of those who donate large amounts to political candidates. Pelosi interviews folks across the political spectrum with a hand-held camera which is jarring — in a good way. She even interviews wealthy individuals who are trying to blunt the effects of money on politics. Eye-opening.
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