The Rich Life of Money and How Its History Has Shaped Us

A New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller

The importance of money in our lives is readily apparent to everyone–rich, poor, and in between. However grudgingly, most of us accept the expression “Money makes the world go round” as a universal truth. We are all aware of the power of money–how it influences our moods, compels us to take risks, and serves as the yardstick of success in societies around the world. Yet because we take the daily reality of money so completely for granted, we seldom question how and why it has come to play such a central role in our lives.

In Coined: The Rich Life of Money And How Its History Has Shaped Us, author Kabir Sehgal casts aside our workaday assumptions about money and takes the reader on a global quest to uncover a deeper understanding of the relationship between money and humankind. More than a mere history of its subject, Coined probes the conceptual origins and evolution of money by examining it through the multiple lenses of disciplines as varied as biology, psychology, anthropology, and theology. Coined is not only a profoundly informative discussion of the concept of money, but it is also an endlessly fascinating and entertaining take on the nature of humanity and the inner workings of the mind.



For both money connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs!

I know absolutely nothing about money. So picking up this book I was afraid it would all fly over my head. Not so, not only did the author clarify complicated events (such as the 2008 market crash), he did so in an entertaining way, providing fascinating facts and stories from around the world. Awesome read! Recommend it to both money connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs!


A great read

More fun than you could possibly imagine a book about money to be! The author goes all the way back to Galapagos and cellular symbiosis to explain how monetary systems work and why they excite us — in a way that is always riveting and occasionally sexy. A great gift for anybody who acquires, disburses or thinks about money (and who doesn’t?)

Carole L. Kay

A truly terrific read on a fascinating subject!

A truly terrific read on a fascinating subject. Rigorous and entertaining, syncretic and playful — a must-read for anyone curious about the history of money. I especially loved how Sehgal wove his own experience as a banker into the book, while seeking out dozens of experts and theories on value. One of my favorite books this year. Enjoy!